Your Own Portable Infrared Sauna

Crash, bang, splat. Pop, pop, pop. Chaos, screaming and yelling. The tears are flowing almost as much as the blood. . . No, this isn't your typical war zone: it's your kids - creating a mess in your freshly cleaned home. Maybe it's not the kids that get to you, maybe you don't have kids; we all have situations in our lives that make us want to pull our hair out or even run away to hide in a secret, sacred place so we can calm down and get our thoughts together. Maybe for you it's a demanding deadline at work or a slave driving boss or even a nagging spouse: whatever the case may be, you can whisk those cares away by jumping in to your very own personal portable infrared sauna.

Relax, close your eyes and imagine the rejuvenating experience of the sun warming your skin on a fresh spring day after the long, cold winter. This is the type of feeling that you can enjoy everyday with your own personal portable infrared sauna: no matter where you are. Whether you're at home, at the office during your lunch break or in a hotel on the road; you can carry a bit of paradise in a box with you.

What is a personal portable infrared sauna?

A personal portable infrared sauna is like a light weight mini-vacation that can be visited on demand, on your terms. An infrared sauna is a safe, more efficient alternative to conventional saunas. Infrared saunas use waves, much like the sun, to directly warm your skin: giving you a deep penetrating warmth without the extreme feeling of all the heated steam that you would generally feel using a conventional sauna.

While infrared saunas can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: the ultimate in affordability and portability are the personal portable infrared saunas. Typically weighing in at less than 15lbs these refreshing escapes can help you detoxify both your mind and body in a short 20-30 minute session. No leaving to go to the gym, no feeling uncomfortable when having to share sauna space: just you, alone, in this simple paradise on your way to mind cleansing freedom.

For a real mind and body cleansing experience, pick up a personal portable infrared sauna today. It may just be the peace of mind that you've been looking for. You can read more about the amazing Infrared Sauna at

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Great information, thanks.

Great information, thanks.


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