The History and Evolution of the Sauna

The traditional sauna is becoming very popular all around the world with the latest in technology improving the whole experience. A sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions.

The traditional sauna evolved around the simple concept of placing extremely hot, dry stones in the enclosed bathing area. Designated attendants or even the bathers would keep throwing water on the heated stones at regular intervals. This would produce dense steam inside the chamber and initiate the entire process of sauna. The room temperature can be controlled and so can be the density of the steam.

The sauna has been long associated with the Finnish culture. Even today, the sauna is deeply entwined with the daily lives of people in Finland. It has been an integral part of their lives, almost every house has attached sauna. The Finns regard sauna as a pharmacy and in the past expectant mothers used to give birth inside the sauna chambers. The sauna is even utilized as a place for socializing by the Finns. The Finns invite their guests to have a sauna bath, as gesture of respect towards them. The Finnish sauna is a global favorite for stress relief, retreat and leisure.

Although, the Finnish brought the sauna to limelight , various other forms of steam sauna exist in other parts of the world, like the Swedish Badstuga, Russian Bania, the Turkish Hammam, Roman Thermae, African Sifutu, the Jewish Shvitz, , and Japanese Mushi-Buro. There are historical records and other evidence indicating that in the 5th or 8th century the Chinese built the first wooden saunas.

The ancient science of sauna dates back even further than the historical records. The primitive form of sauna evolved in the form of an essential necessity for the nomadic tribes of Scandinavia. They had developed Sauna as the simple technique of cleaning, sterilizing and maintaining hygiene in the extreme cold climate. Besides, a sauna would keep them warm in the cold even for a few hours.

The modern sauna culture across the globe has undergone a vast change. The Finns have spread the practice of sauna as they migrated to the other parts of the world like the North America, Europe and Russia. The present generation sauna experience is well equipped with the latest in the line from bathing innovations. The sauna culture today has become a popular part of tourism, health and fitness and even the corporate world. The style and comfort promised by the top-most hotels and spas, offer today’s sauna-goers with a abundance of peace and health.