The Healing properties of Infrared Sauna Lamps (Continued)

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After its discovery in modern times, electricity began to be used for heating and lighting, by the means of currents flowing though elements or filaments. Electrical heat is widely used to heat homes. What is felt as heat is the body’s response to natural electromagnetic radiation emissions. Infrared heat lamps are different from lamps used for electrical lighting, by the design of the filament. The elements used for infrared lamps and heaters, use low amounts of energy and heat efficiently. The chemicals in the element of infrared heaters, when heated by electrical currents emit light in the Near Infrared, Middle Infrared, Far Infrared and Far-Far Infrared range of the light spectrum. Near infrared is close to visible light and Far Infrared red is invisible, but for the general purposes, using the word ‘infrared’ is sufficient. In lamps, the bulb can be clear, red, or frosted inside. (Clear is used to simulate daylight for the reptiles in the pet store and red is used to simulate nighttime). The wattage of electricity is what determines the strength of the infrared heat emitted.

Infrared heaters used in sauna cabinets for sauna purposes are called infrared saunas. Infrared heaters, similar to infrared lamps, pass electricity though the chemical based elements to give off electromagnetism in the infrared spectrum. In the infrared saunas, these radiant electromagnetic waves are reflected onto the body. The body is heated by this radiant heat, but the surrounding air is not. Infrared heat is considered safe enough to keep newborn babies in hospitals warm. Therapy in an infrared sauna is called whole body therapy. Therapy using an infrared lamp is aimed at the specific location.

Using infrared healing, as with any type of healing must be done with caution. These concerns are all covered in information given in my website. From a universal perspective, infrared healing is safe for most people. Having an infrared sauna is a life changing acquisition, and quality is of utmost importance. Infrared saunas of higher quality come with lifetime warranties. No plumbing is required in infra red saunas and once assembled, all that is necessary is to plug them into a normal household outlet. Because this acquisition is a big decision, be sure to purchase one that could be easily disassembled so that you can take with you if you move. Infrared saunas come in different sizes, holding different amounts of people.

The tradition of using and enjoying saunas is rooted in ancient healing and meditation practices. An infrared sauna can even be used just as well for meditation daily. The benefits of having 15 minutes or so to yourself in a healing environment, away from the cares and worries of the world, de-stressing, is a source of utmost physical, mental and spiritual contentment.

This article was brought to you by Joan Stewart, an online entrepreneur and lifelong avid explorer of natural healing methods. This passion includes bringing to the forefront of knowledge precious nuggets of useful information in the attempt to give the subject of healing an intuitive and joyful perspective. Find out more by visiting Discover if the infrared healing method is for you! Infrared healing is in new guise with infrared saunas and infrared lamps, but this knowledge is as ancient as the sun and these products are presented with pride.