The 2 Person Alpine Infrared Sauna by Brighton

I bought my sauna back about five months ago, after a long search. I'd found that there was a huge amount of information out there on the web, and it was sometimes hard to tell what was what. I did what I could to find review from other people who had bought infrared saunas, but only had limited luck.

What really made my mind up for me was going to a home show in Philadelphia, while I was visiting out east. I wasn't looking to spend a bunch of money, but I'm also a bit claustrophobic, so I had already decided to go for a two person unit. Long story short, I sat in just about every two person sauna at the show, and decided that the Alpine was my pick. It just felt more comfortable, and more spacious. Of course it had all sorts of features listed, but I looked those up later. At the time, I just felt best inside the Alpine. After I talked to one of their representatives, who was very coherent and helpful, I purchased the sauna over phone for around $2800, all together.

Features Review:

The Feel: There are definitely a lot great things about this unit, but a few in particular stand out to me. The first is the size and feel of the interior. All the other saunas that I sat in while at the home show were smaller and less comfortable. The website says that the size is about thirty percent bigger than most others, and I can't tell if that's true or not, but whatever it is it's definitely noticeable. It just feels more roomy. The other thing about it is that it's comfortable. The bench has a curved back, that supports me more when I'm sitting up against it. Also the bench is slatted, instead of being solid. Supposedly this is good for me, but I just like it because when I'm sitting on the bench in a hot sauna, it gives my body more room to breath in the areas that are touching the bench.

The Heat: The other main thing that I've noticed is the positioning of all the heaters. The heaters inside are positioned such that they are both in front of you, and in back of you. And the ones in back are positioned in a 'T' such that there is one that goes across your shoulders, another down your back, and another horizontally underneath the bench. More than anything, when I get in I feel completely enveloped in warmth. The temperature, by the way, is not unbearably hot. I measured it a couple times, and once it came out at 121 F, and the other at 126 F.

Other Cool things: The Alpine comes with an ionizer/Ozone generator thing that cleans the air after the session is through, and the construction is all wood, with no plastic. Also, it only took me about an hour to set it up, and I think I could do it a lot faster if I was to do it again. I didn't need a single tool, which was great. The way that the walls fit together with interlocking pieces and magnets is just cool. Best of all, the Alpine that I bought came with a heat rated DVD/multimedia player, that at this point I couldn't do without. It makes the sauna sessions fly by like nothing else, and I'm using the sauna every day as a result.


Honestly so far complaints are few. One thing that I have been regretting however is going with the two person unit. Although it was by far the most spacious two person I found, I'm not sure if it's enough. Once I began using it every day, I found that at times I wanted to stretch out more, or lay down. I know they sell an expansion for my model that would make it bigger, so that I could lie down inside, and I'm thinking of upgrading to that size.

Other than that I'd say that it would be nice if I could put it outside – so far there isn't an outdoor roof on the unit, and I will probably have to construct my own if I want to put it where it could get rained on. I didn't find many companies period that offered such a unit, however, which is something that ought to change. I don't want to be forced into buying a lesser sauna, just because it's the only one that offers an outdoor model.


All in all I feel I got a good value for the money that I spent. The DVD player has led to me using the sauna every day, and I've definitely noticed a change in my energy level, and my over feeling of health. I'm no expert and I can't say if anything is genuinely different about my health, but I at the least feel better. I would certainly recommend this unit to any friend of mine looking for way to relax, or a way to feel healthier overall.



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