Sauna or Spa?

Deciding between a Home Sauna and a Spa

Many homeowners have debated whether to add a Sauna or Spa to their home. Both heat your body and accelerate your blood circulation. Most importantly – both saunas and Spas are great at beating stress. So how do we decide which is more beneficial?

One of the keys to the therapeutic quality of both home saunas and Spas is their use of heat, which gives a sense of deep relaxation and pleasure. Both are also great at providing relief for people with sore aching muscles or arthritic pain.

Aside from their obvious differences there are some key features and benefits of both products that may influence your decision:


• Typically Installed outdoors
Because of humidity issues and size Spas and spas are typically installed outside.

• Safety issues
Like a pool care must be taken to keep children safe.

• Use of chemicals
Chemicals must be added to the water in the Spa to keep it clean

• Cost of keeping the heater going
Unless you are going away and do not expect to be using your Spa, the heater is generally keeping the water at constant temperature.

• Only heat them up before use
Generally Saunas heat up in 15 – 20 minutes. This is less expensive then the cost of keeping a Spa hot.

• Indoors or outdoors
Saunas are often built into homes. Most homes in Finland for example have a sauna. Larger saunas and wood burning saunas are generally build outdoors.

• Safety Issues
Saunas are not suitable for use by unsupervised children. However, there is little danger of children seriously injuring themselves in an un-used sauna.

• No chemicals
Because there are no water to keep sanitary there are no chemicals involved in the maintenance of a sauna.

In many respects home saunas seem to be the clear winner. Your decision will be largely dependant on personally preferences. This article hopefully has pointed out some things to think about when deciding between a Spa and a sauna for your home. Whatever your choice you will have many relaxing hours to think about it!