SaunaKits Neo Angle Log Sauna

Product Type: Sauna Kits
Brand: SaunaKits

"These saunas are free-standing units that do not require the support of existing walls. The walls  can be assembled from inside the Sauna... no space is wasted as the sauna walls will fit right against existing walls. The sauna should be placed on a waterproof surface.  Can be used outdoors with optional custom roof."

  • 60-minute timer
  • Thermostat
  • Tylo sauna heater
  • Built-in humidifiers
  • Deep stainless steel rock compartment
  • Triple-mantled construction
  • Thermosafe covering for cool touch
  • Sauna rocks included
  • Strong, rigid unit
  • Tightknot machined cedar planks
  • UL/CSA approved 100%  stainless steel sauna heater body
  • External mount control
  • Vapor-proof light fixture
  • Heater guard
  • Pre-hung cedar door with window
  • Pre-assembled benches and duckboard floor
  • Accessories
  • Fast installation
  • Easily disassembled