SaunaKits Barrel Sauna

Product Type: Sauna Kits
Brand: SaunaKits

"The sauna barrels are built in Ontario, Canada and are available as a do it yourself kit to be reassembled in your chosen location." Unit features:

  • Enough 1" x 4" (5/8" thick) Western Red Cedar tongue & groove boards to clad interior walls horizontally 7' high
  • Ceiling boards supplied for shortest dimension
  • Doorjamb
  • Brass hinges
  • Nylon roller catch
  • Casing for door interior
  • Cedar stop
  • Cedar Trim package (base, ceiling, vertical corners)
  • Sauna light
  • Bench material for two benches depending on sauna size
  • "Insulfoil" vapor barrier reflects heat
  • Backrest
  • Cedar framed door
  • 100% stainless steel body wall mount heater
  • Separate external mount control with timer/ thermostat
  • Granite rocks
  • Wood sauna heater guard/fence
  • Accessories
  • Sauna building checklist.
  • Barrels built in Ontario, Canada
  • Available in several lengths
  • Integrated 4' change room
  • 7' in diameter
  • 8 KW Harvia Top Class model heater OR 8KW Tylo Supersport heater OR a Harvia brand wood burning stove
  • Two prebuilt EWC benches included 
  • Two cedar headrests
  • Solid cradle system
Beware of Sauna Kits in Ontario, Canada

I had a bad experience with this company, in Ontario, Canada. The salesman I talked to hardly let me get a word in edgewise and his 'know it all' attitude, I found offensive.

I ordered a 10' barrel sauna kit (a 4' changing room + 6' sauna room) with a rear window installed. But they neglected to install it and I didn't know it until after they had shipped it and had my money. They said it was a 'misunderstnding' and I could get a local carpenter to put one in. They said they did not charge me but I had no way of knowing that because their pieces are not listed with the costs, I had to take their 'word' that I was not charged ($180).

Their website said I would get (of course the prices are not given) a metal bucket and ladle. I got a small wooden bucket with a plastic bottom and a wooden ladle. The temperature gauge was a cheap wooden thing with Centigrade degrees marked on it. The sand timer was a cheap twirling thing with 15 minutes of sand. No pictured were shown of these items. The wooden floor board cracked when my wife stepped on the end of it (she's only 5'2", 120#). I could have bought better accessories locally and probably cheaper.

The heater was a Tylo from Sweden which was back-ordered but I didn't know that until they got my money. It was delivered to my house with broken pieces. When I emailed the company with questions, they never answered me (they already had my money before they would ship the sauna kit). Note that you will need an electrician to install 220V wiring before you can use the heater. Note that the interior lights also need an electrician to wire them with 110V. I could have bought better lights locally and probably cheaper.

Delivery was late by 1 week. They didn't know how it was going to be delivered to my house. They told me I would have to go pick it up because the carrier they chose to ship it with did not provide home delivery (it weighs 1400# and is 4'x4'x10'). Later when I personally talked with the local carrier they said 'oh sure, we deliver it to your house'. When I told the salesman he said I would have to have 3-4 people there to take the crate apart and unload the pieces. But when the truck got here it had a lift gate on it and they just sat it on the ground in front of my house.

The instructions were 5 copied pictures stapled together, of another sauna. Little actual instruction was included. The sauna came with 2 1" holes predrilled into the floor. I emailed to ask what they were used for and I never got an answer. I presumed they were drains but could have been used for wiring so that's what I used them for. Their actual use was not shown in the instructions.

So be careful. You don't know what you are getting until it is delivered and they have your money. Prior to this company, I had ordered a sauna kit from another company, Callaway Woodworks in Houston, TX. This company took half of the money up front (same as Sauna Kits above) $3500, notified me by email it was ready to ship, then I never heard from them again. The phones were disconnected and email was not answered. I had to go to my VISA company and get their help to recover my funds. So be careful about sending thousands of dollars to another country like Canada.

I regret doing business with both of these companies. That's my story.
Garron Woodruff
Denver, CO

bad name

Garron, as the owner of Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas, I am very concerned about your experience on online purchases. I must say that there are companies out there that give online manufactures such as our company a bad name. Jim Calloway stole money from hunderds of customers by taking deposits and then filing bankrupcy. I can only assure you that there are honest businesses out there that strive to provide quality products and great service online. We have been selling our barrel saunas online for over 12 years and I can assure you we ship world wide wto 100s of happy customer.

Dan Jung- President
Northern Lighst Cedar Tubs & Saunas


your web site was incorrectly spelled . it should be

we are respectable sauna company as well

Garron, as the Sales Manager of Saunas And More in Toronto, Canada, I am also very concerned about your experience on online purchases. I must say that there are companies out there that give online manufactures such as our company a bad name. I can also assure you that we are an honest businesses with a retail store and an online website out there that strive to provide quality products and great service online. We have been selling our saunas and steamers online for over 3 years I can assure you we ship world wide wto 100s of happy customer.

Sam Merit
Sales Manager
Saunas And Steams a Dealer for Saunacore and many many more

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