Sauna Heater Review Guide

The Sauna Heater is the most important part of the sauna. Careful consideration is required to choose the right size heater for your space.

Too small of a heater and it will take too long to heat up the space and will loose heat too quickly when you pour water on the rocks.

Too large a heater and most people will not be able to tolerate the heat.

Most traditional sauna heaters have a layer of rocks on the top that serve two purposes. The first is to hold the heat. Second is to provide a surface to pour water over which produces steam.

Another consideration when looking for a sauna heater is the control unit. You will want one that is easy to operate and has a timer built into it.

Options Available in Sauna Heaters

Make sure that you have the right heater for your needs. An important decision you will have to make regarding your sauna will be the type of heater you want. This can affect how the sauna will work for you. There are four main types of heaters used for saunas. Make sure that you have the right heater for your needs.

Considering a home sauna?

In many countries it is considered essential that every home have a sauna. In others it is considered a luxury spa items similar to a hot tub or pool.

Considering installing a sauna in your home? It may be easy then you think.