Far Infrared Sauna Review Guide

Ancient healers and modern eastern cultures are well aware of the radiant healing energy of the sun. This knowledge is only recently being appreciated in the west. It is broadly accepted that all energy on the planet comes from the sun. Heat drives the universe. Plants thrive only in sunlight, or under artificial wide spectrum lights. A visit to your local pet store would reveal that reptiles are kept healthy by a constant dosage of infrared heat from infrared lamps. Infrared heat is also used to keep food warm in restaurants. The pork and chicken you buy from the grocery store most likely came from a farm that uses infrared lamps to keep the animals thriving indoors. When a person dies, the breath leaves the body, followed immediately by the loss of all heat. The radiant heat of the body is in the infrared range. Live bodies continually absorb and emit heat, and as previously mentioned this infrared heat has its origin in the energy of the sun. The balance between the absorption and emission (like the balance between Yin and Yang), is necessary to health. Energy is absorbed by the body is through the intake of food and drink and also through sunlight. Food, drink and sunlight are all naturally healing entities and necessary for the maintenance of life. Read More on The Healing properties of Infrared Sauna Lamps....

The 2 Person Alpine Infrared Sauna by Brighton

We received this review of the Brighton 2 Person Alpine Infrared Sauna from one a member of our community. Evan has certainly done his research and provides great detail on his experience in purchasing this home sauna.

An Introduction to Far Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared saunas are the latest in home spa technology. Using radiation like that of the sun, infrared saunas heat the surface of your skin instead of the air around them, making them a popular choice for in home installations.

Your Own Portable Infrared Sauna

Infrared Suanas offer an the benefits of more traditional saunas with less effort.

When life get too stressful you can relax in your own personal infrared sauna. It is like stepping onto a hot sun drenched beach!