Considering a home sauna?

In North America many people consider a home to a luxury item, like having a pool or a hot tub. In many countries however a home sauna is considered a necessity. In Finland for example there are 2 saunas for every 5 people.

Building sauna in your home does not need to be expensive or complex. You must first consider how large a sauna you require. Will this normally be used for one or two people or will you be hosting sauna parties of six or more? If you require a larger sauna you may want to consider building an outdoor sauna. Smaller saunas for 6 or less are often found in a spare corner of the basement.

Indoor home saunas do not require a lot of space. A cozy sauna for one can take up as little as 3’ X 4’. The most popular sizes are 5’ X 7’ and 6’ X 7’. You should allow at least 6’6” for the interior ceiling.

Sauna Kits are available for purchase that gives you all the materials you need to construct a sauna in your home. These kits usually come with all the wood required for the interior, the sauna heater and the door. The exteriors of sauna kits are usually finished to match their surroundings. Prefab saunas are also available. These are especially popular with infrared saunas.

Building your own sauna requires a bit more research. Carefully plan the layout of the benches so that you can maximize the use of the space. Remember that upper benches will be hotter then the lower benches.

You must also make certain that the sauna heater is large enough for the area you are trying to heat. Heaters can be gas, electric or wood burning. In most cases you will require a skilled tradesperson to hook up your sauna heater.

Insulation is one of the most important items when putting together your sauna bath. In addition to insulation aluminum vapor barriers should be installed to keep the heat in and the moisture out of the rest of your house. Do your research to make sure that you adhere to your local building codes.

Finally consider the placements of vents in and out of the sauna. Proper ventilation is important to maintain air circulation and to prevent the build up a gases and odors.

One of the most fun things about having a home sauna is making it your own. Consider some person touches. People get very creative with their saunas. Saunas have been built in old woodsheds, vans, buses, and even on houseboats!