Harvia Vega Compact Electric Sauna Heater

Product Type: Sauna Heater
Brand: Harvia

This popular electric sauna heater from Harvia is designed with precision and high technological quality. This sauna is economical to use and compact enough to fit in the smallest sauna space. This efficient heater has a large stone surface for excellent heating coverage. Vega Compact is an easy to use sauna heater because the operating switches are ergonomically designed to be placed in the upper part of the heater, allowing for easy access and adjustment during a sauna session. This unit is easy to install and comes complete with a mounting wall rack. The unit attaches to the wall rack with just one screw. People who have a Vega Compact will love that it is easy to maintain, you don’t have to remove the heater from the wall rack when you are changing heating elements. Vega Compact models BC23 and BC35 are equipped with a built-in control unit.