Harvia M3 SL Wood Heated Sauna Heater

Product Type: Sauna Heater
Brand: Harvia

Wood heated saunas give users an authentic Scandinavian sauna experience. Harvia designs the M3 SL to provide the pleasant steam of a wood-heated stove that gives sauna owners more flexibility in locating their heating elements. This model is designed for people who want to heat their sauna from another room or from outside the building. This model is designed for small personal saunas and can be convenient for people who want the authenticity and power of a wood burning sauna heating unit. It produces enough thermal power to heat the rocks and the intensity is controlled by simply throwing water on the stones when more steam is desired. Harvia has a full selection of water heaters, stove pipes and protective sheaths to make your wood heated sauna operate safely and efficiently. Wood heated saunas provide an invigorating sauna experience that is refreshing and healthy for users who want an authentic experience.