Harvia Kivi Sauna Heater

Product Type: Sauna Heater
Brand: Harvia

This sauna heater harkens back to a Finnish sauna tradition in its novelty design and heavy reliance on the strength of stone to convey heat in a powerful and congruent way. Users can adjust the intensity of the heat by throwing water in either side of this stone tower design or pouring water directly on top of the stone pillar. The stone pillar design has an aesthetic appeal as well as providing a more natural feeling sauna experience. This heater offers a humid sauna even on a relatively low temperature setting. The floor mounted electric heater reproduces the traditional sauna experience with modern technology. The floor heater is mounted by a tower of sauna stones, which has been proven to be the correct amount of stones for maximum heat conveyance. The stone pillar is contained in a triangular stylish steel frame and easy to place in any sauna room.