Harvia Forte Electric Sauna Heater

Product Type: Sauna Heater
Brand: Harvia

This is the perfect sauna heater for a family that takes a lot of sauna sessions. It saves on energy and is an economical solution for daily or frequent users.  It is easy to use as it is designed to contain the stones within the unit. To create more steam and heat intensity, users simply open the heater lid and throw water on the stones. The heater is energy efficient due to its excellent thermal insulation. In between sauna sessions, this heater maintains a normal room temperature so as to save on energy. The Harvia Forte is an easy to use electric sauna heater because its digital controls are located in an illuminated front panel. This allows for easy temperature adjustment and powering up of the heater. This heater has an outer casing made of stainless steel and is easy to install in any sauna room.