Your Home Sauna Center

Saunas have been in use for thousand of years are famous for their health benefits.

During sauna heart rates are increased by as much as 50% - this is almost as good as getting on a treadmill, but far more relaxing!

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Finland - a country famous for sauna - has 2 saunas for every 5 citizens? They must know something there that we don't!

What You Should Know before Building a Home Sauna

There are few things to consider before building your home sauna that can reduce unforeseeable problems. It is an extremely attractive idea to have your own sauna that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your at-home private sauna provides many health benefits, and saves the need to visit your local gym during business hours. Bacteria will be less of a concern in your own private sauna, eliminating the risk of many health hazards found in public facilities.

Are Sauna's Still Popular?

The popularity of saunas are still dramatically on the rise, all around the world. Across Europe, the UK and the United States, steam bath and dry saunas are popular because of their many health benefits. Hot dry saunas can be found at health resorts, fitness clubs and spas.

Are Saunas Safe for Children?

Under adult supervision, most children can safely experience a brief session in a sauna. The core temperature of a child's body rises significantly faster than teenagers and adults. It is important parents and guardians make sure the child is hydrated and only inside the sauna for fifteen minutes or less. It is known that young children cannot handle excessive changes in heat. Based on that, sauna use is not recommended for any child under seven years old.

The Major Advantages of Having a Home Sauna

No matter where it is located, using a sauna on a regular basis provides benefits to your health and well-being. Owning a home sauna has many advantages, and none greater than the privacy it affords.

Essential Sauna Accessories

If you have invested in a sauna in your home or you are considering improving your home with a sauna, it is a good idea to consider how you can enhance your total sauna experience with various accessories. The most essential sauna accessories include sauna buckets, thermometers and timers, head and back rests and sauna covers.